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Cameron Harris is a Fitness Expert and co-founder of TRUTH Gym, a 5 star fitness facility based in the prestigious Devonshire Club in the City of London. We caught up with him for to talk about motivation, ways to optimise you diet and how he spends his down time.

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What or who inspired you into fitness?

To be totally honest, I wasn’t inspired by anyone or anything, it was more a matter of what I was good at. Having a sporting background led me into training in sports science and then into where I am know as a gym owner.

What are your best tips for setting goals you can actually stick to?

Be realistic. I have studied tons of personal development books, been on lots of courses and sometimes you can get a bit too excited with what is a achievable in a short time. Especially with the whole hustle, just do it social media crap!

The TRUTH is that it is a marathon not a sprint, so set smaller achievable goals and a set of HUGE goals. The smaller quarterly goals will keep you motivated and moving forward (over night success doesn’t exist in my experience, long hours and hard work count)

What’s your advice for finding/keeping motivation?

Set your expectations, create small quarterly goals that bring you closer to your big goals, create a sustainable work diary and keep yourself in good shape.

What do you do to relax on rest days?

I will always choose a massage and sauna when I can. I love a pub , so the sauna and massage help to keep me away from the gin

How important is diet when it comes to achieving your goals in the gym?

The most popular saying in the industry is that you cannot out train a bad diet. Whilst this is true, I think it is important to get in touch with your body and understand exactly which foods work well for you, and which do not.

Personally I think it is very important for anyones fitness journey that they understand which foods may affect them negatively, that’s why we regularly recommend food intolerance tests for our clients.

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