Terms & Conditions

At Smartblood we strive to deliver a top class service 100% of the time – in order to facilitate this we work very hard to make your food intolerance testing experience as good as we can make it, with you, your pathology sample, and your results always remaining our top priorities. We have made our terms and conditions as fair as we can, and they are outlined below.

If you have any questions regarding any aspects of our terms and conditions, then please get in touch. We do request that you read the terms and conditions before completing the checkout process. If you have any questions then please get in touch on 01392 539 444 or email hello@smartblood.co.uk with your question.

The service that we offer.

When you purchase a food intolerance test kit from this website, what you are purchasing is not only the kit that you complete at home, but also a Doctor’s Private Referral to our laboratory for a sample to be tested as well as postage from us to yourself, and postage for the sample back to the laboratory.

By placing an order on this website, you are accepting what we can guarantee and also accept that we are unable to guarantee factors beyond our control.

Despatch Guarantee
We will send your testing kit out the same day as we receive your order if we receive by 3pm Mondays through to Fridays, excluding bank holidays.

Change of Mind Guarantee

Should you change your mind about testing before we dispatch your test kit we can provide you with a full refund.

Returns Guarantee within 30 days

If we have dispatched your kit, you can return it unused (using the supplied return envelope) within 30 days for a full refund if it is unused and undamaged. If it is incomplete, used or damaged in any way we may deduct a fee of £5.

Returns Guarantee outside of  30 days

If you wish to cancel your order after 30 days have passed from when the order is placed then we are unable to provide a refund. You may however, gift your kit to a friend, but they must make sure to fill out section 2 of the laboratory form when returning a sample.

Finger-Prick Try Again Guarantee

If you are not successful in obtaining a viable finger prick sample (only 1 in 100 are unsuccessful) we will gladly send another test kit to you again.

Expiry usage Guarantee

Your kit is valid to send back to us up until the expiry date printed on the label of the foil container (kit batch expiry date). If you are unable to initially use the kit, and only rediscover it once the expiry date has passed we will be happy to send you replacement components.


What we cannot Guarantee

There are a number of factors that we have no control over and hence cannot guarantee them.

Outbound Postage Times

We cannot guarantee that your post will get to you on time. First class post by Royal Mail aims for next day delivery but can sometimes be 2-3 days, or more. Please call us if you are concerned about not receiving your kit.

Return Sample Postage

The blood sample on the collection stick is stable for at least 3 weeks. You can therefore send the completed kit back to us at any time.

Laboratory Turnaround Time

The target turnaround time for the full Smartblood food intolerance programme is just 4 working days. The turnaround times, as a guide, refer to the number of working days (not weekends and bank holidays) that it takes between your blood being received by the processing Laboratory and the results being released to you. Please understand that as these turnaround times are a guide and results may fall inside the times stated. However, sometimes results will take longer than the stated times due to circumstances beyond our control such as mechanical breakdown of equipment, human error, or staff sickness.

You agree to these terms and conditions upon ordering. If you have any questions, we are happy to help – please contact us.