Foods that can cause Food Intolerances.

Food Intolerances can be very hard to Pinpoint. The Smartblood Food Intolerance Test shows reaction levels to 134 foods and drinks, including Wheat and Gluten, Dairy, Milk and Eggs, Meat and Fish, Yeast, Protein Supplements, Fruit and Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds, Beans, Herbs, Spices, Oils, and Drinks.

Food Groups that may cause food intolerances.

The full Smartblood food intolerance test analyses IgG Antibody reactions to foods in the following categories so that you are better able to discuss your eating plan with your Smartblood Nutritional Therapist.

Could you have a food intolerance?

If you think that food intolerance may be responsible for your symptoms then we believe that our easy-to-complete tests could help you. Find all your food intolerances at once with a full Smartblood test.

Around 10% of our customers exhibit no IgG reactions to the 134 foods whatsoever – we provide non-reactive customers with a 100% REFUND so they can continue their investigations through other testing.

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