Full Smartblood Test

The full Smartblood food intolerance testing programme includes IgG analysis of 134 individual food and drink reactions as well as a 30 minute consultation with one of our BANT registered nutritional therapists. The full programme represents a great way of taking full control over your IgG trigger foods at once!

  • Reactions to 134 foods and drinks.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • Free P&P.
  • Free return envelope to our Lab.
  • Results in just 4 Days.
  • Full refund if no reactions are found.
  • More Details Below.

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What does the Smartblood Full Programme Test For

The Full Smartblood Food Intolerance Test Programme looks at IgG reactions to 134 foods and drinks in the following categories, as well as a telephone consultation with a BANT registered Nutritional Therapist.

  1. Grains and Staples
  2. Dairy and Eggs
  3. Meat and Fish
  4. Nuts, Seeds and Beans
  5. Herbs, Spices and Oils
  6. Vegetables
  7. Fruit
  8. Drinks
  9. Protein Supplements
  10. Yeast and Other Foods

With easy to follow instructions, and full results available within 4 working days of sample receipt at our UK laboratory, choosing to participate in the full Smartblood Programme straight away is the quickest way to take full control over your food intolerances.

If the initial indicator test that our laboratory technicians conduct reveal that you have no IgG reactions at all then we won’t run a full test – we’ll report on your IgG food intolerance status as Negative and provide you with a full refund minus the cost of a 1st step test.

An easy to complete home test kit.

Once you have placed an order, your Full Smartblood Programme Food Intolerance Test Kit will usually arrive the next working day. Full instructions are provided both as a booklet, and by our first step instruction video, which is accessible through a QR code within your kit.

By pricking your finger you are easily able to collect 3-5 drops of blood which you can then send back to our Laboratory in our UN3373 compliant business reply envelope.

Instant email or text alert.

As soon as your blood arrives at our laboratory, our sample reception team will scan your unique barcode, which triggers an instant text message or email, letting you know that we'll shortly begin to prepare your sample for analysis.

A very swift 4 day turnaround.

Our laboratory technicians aim to make your full smartblood test results available to you within just four working days! As soon as they are ready you will receive an instant text message and email containing your results.


FULL reactivity levels to 134 foods.

With these instant results, you can now start to take full control of your food intolerances - we also arrange for you a consultation with one of our BANT registered Nutritional Therapists.

Full Smartblood Test


Free P&P

100% Refund Guarantee
if no reaction

No setup fees
100% hassle-free

No monthly subscription
Pay once and for all