Dairy Free Ice Cream Alternatives for Summer!

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The distant buzz of bees floats over the summer breeze; the sun beats down, heating your skin as you notice that nostalgic tinkle of the ice cream van coming closer.

Sweltering summer days just aren’t the same without a seasonal sweet treat. But if you’re one of the many people with a dairy intolerance, you could find you’re getting more than you bargain for when you order that 99.

But, thanks to the growing free from market and increasing awareness around food intolerance in general, there are more and more ways to get that sunny summer taste without the dairy.

Go Bananas!

Banana makes the perfect creamy substitute for dairy. To whip up a dairy free chocolate ice cream alternative, simply blitz a couple of sliced frozen bananas and add cocoa powder for a fuss free chocolate hit. If you love lollies, give those a shot too!

Milk it good – Milk it real good!

With the huge availability of dairy free milk alternatives, it’s never been easier to make your own delicious soft serve at home.

Simply mix 3 cups of your favourite free from milk with 1/3 cup of natural sweetener such as maple syrup, cinnamon, vanilla or cacao powder and any sweet extras you like such as chopped nuts, cacao nibs or chopped dates. Once combined, place in the freezer and resist the temptation to sneak a spoonful.

Very Berry

Don’t forget that it doesn’t have to be dairy to be delicious. Fresh fruits are perfect for creating a variety of zingy summer treats. From tangy sorbets to smooth banana and mango lollies, the combinations are almost endless. Pressed for time? Supermarkets have made it even easier with ready to go frozen smoothie packs, perfect for whipping up a frozen feast.

Ava go With Avocado

It might seem weird but the creamy texture of avocado makes it an excellent substitute for dairy. Try mashing a couple of ripe avocados with maple syrup and raw cacao powder and freezing for a deliciously decadent fudgy alternative to chocolate ice cream.

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